15.10.2018: Web and Flow, featuring performances by Ensemble Modelo62, Charlotte Mundy, and Jordan Dodson, and as a bonus track, detritus II  by Colin Elliott and myself. May be streamed and downloaded here

17.09.2018: Lotus Open Factory: Integral Works, a limited edition compilation which includes recordings of struwl and bloat, has been released! Includes 3 tracks from the digital release réflexe.  

17.02.2018: réflexe, featuring performances by Nico Couck and Duo Harpverk, is out on Lotus-Open-Factory (Montpellier, France). This release includes a “music video” by Jon Weinel, and May be streamed and downloaded here. 

16.11.2017: fcremap, a series of works based on the animation piece Future Creatures, has been released on New Focus Recordings!  More product/purchase  information here. 

11.11.2014: Melting the Darkness, Miranda Cuckson's new recording of works for solo violin involving electronics and microtones by Xenakis, Georg Friedrich Haas, Oscar Bianchi, Chris Burns, Ileana Perez-Velazquez, Robert Rowe, and myself is now available here in CD form, as well as for digital download! Melting the Darkness was selected as one of the best releases of 2015 by Downbeat magazine! 

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fcremap’dB was selected for Score Follower’s Follow My Score Fall 2017 season. The score + recording may be viewed/heard here. 

Since September 2015, I have been directing the Music program at the  iCLA (International College of Liberal Arts) of Yamanashi Gakuin University in Kofu, Japan. For program, event, and faculty information, as well as relevant media and links, please click here. 


down the bottle, fclremap, and réflexe_postlude will be presented on the Sound Traffic Series at Koendori Classics in Shibuya (Tokyo) on 07 January 2019. 

réflexe_postlude, with new visuals by Jon Weinel, was presented at the 2018 Daegu International Computer Music Festival (DICMF) in September. 

フロー  was presented on ICMC 2018 in Daegu, Korea in August. 

フロー_remix was presented on  the NWEAMO 2018 festival in San Diego. 


I was selected for a Musical Research Residency at IRCAM (Paris), undertaken since January 2013. During this residency, I have been completing alarm/will/sound, a site-specific installation project and series of (re)designed car alarm prototypes, in conjunction with the IRCAM Sound Perception and Design (PDS) team and German product designer/visual artist  Matthias Megyeri. Details here

works in progress:

Future Pleasures, for animation/electronics and  3D interactive game environment (with Eunjung Hwang)

paleoecology_khae(rn)n,  for khaen (Thai mouth organ) and electronics (for Christopher Adler

the kingdom of glottisa three-part opera based on three films of Damir Ocko  (for Fonema Consort, Chicago) 

Minotaur, a performance installation for dance, live painting, video, and sound sculpture (with Erika Tsimbrovsky, choreographer and  Vadim Puyandaev, visual artist)

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